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We are born in the central valleys of the land where God never dies, where the dance of the pen and the syrup of the valley are always present, accompanied by a diverse gastronomy made with products from the region and by friendly and happy people, always ready to share. his wisdom, where mezcal is a spirit drink ready to be enjoyed, entering from before, since always in the Oaxacan culture and tradition. Masoquista spirits is allowed to work with small-batch palenqueros who take care of every part of the process, from the sowing of maguey to its distillation. We are interested in preserving endemic varieties within the traditions, taking advantage of the agro-waste derived from mezcal, making them adobe, paper, flowerpots and everything in which it can be useful, returning to Mother Earth a little of the years obtained from the maturation of the magueys . Buy it at Casa Dos Lunas! MORE INFO


Our Mezcal Cara de Perro is produced in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, since 1890. For more than a century we maintain the tradition in the process of elaboration, distillation and aging, with natural methods, an important factor to preserve the highest quality. Buy it at Casa Dos Lunas!

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